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  • What’s new in the Node.js 12 JavaScript runtime
    Node.js 12 has arrived as the latest version of the server-side JavaScript framework, with faster startup and improved default heap limits. Node.js 12 is an LTS (Long Term Support) release, meaning it will be supported for three years, including six ... more
  • Node.js vs. PHP: An epic battle for developer mindshare
    It’s a classic Hollywood plot: the battle between two old friends who went separate ways. Often the friction begins when one pal sparks an interest in what had always been the other pal’s unspoken domain. In the programming language version of this movie, ... more
  • Nest.js 6 Improves GraphQL Integration and Improves Platform Flexibility
    Nest.js recently announced the release of version 6 of their TypeScript framework. Nest.js 6 improves support for GraphQL and also decouples the platform-specific portions of their framework to support applications beyond their traditional Express and ... more
  • Google Experiments With Key-Value Storage, Built-In Modules in Chrome 74
    Google recently announced its intent to ship two new WICG] proposals in a future version of Chrome. KV Storage attempts to bring the convenience of LocalStorage but with better performance. The intent is to deliver this as the first example of a built-in ... more
  • Benchmark Ranks 18 Front-End Frameworks Implementation of Medium.com Clone
    The RealWorld-based benchmark comparing the implementation by 18 front-end frameworks of a non-trivial full-stack application code-named Conduit recently updated its results. Most (13 out of 18) frameworks obtain a top-tier LightHouse performance score. ... more
  • Reconciling Kubernetes and PCI DSS for a Modern and Compliant Payment System
    Ana Calin, systems engineer at Paybase, gave an experience report at QCon London [slides PDF] on how the end-to-end payments service provider solution managed to achieve PCI DSS level 1 compliance (the highest) with 50+ Node.js microservices running ... more
  • How To Access Pulseway RESTful API Using Python Flask
    This is another simple python tutorial to access API.We will access Pulsway APi using Python3 and Flask Framework . You can monitor systems from any mobile devices. You can manage systems, control applications and display data in real time. Pulseway ... more
  • Simple to use React Native library to get native device location for Android and iOS
    React-Native Get Location ⚛ Simple to use React Native library to get native device location for Android and iOS. Requirements React Native >= 0.45.0 iOS >= 8.0 Install Install dependency package yarn add react-native-get-location Or npm i -S react-native-get-location ... more
  • Refreshed Windows 95 style UI components for your React app
    React95 Refreshed Windows95 UI components for your modern React apps. View Demo Download Source Built with styled-components 💅 Getting Started First, install component library in your project directory: $ npm i react95 Apply style reset, wrap your app ... more
  • Plugin for translation your Vue.js applications without headache
    Vue.js T9N plugin Plugin for translation your Vue.js applications without headache. Advantages No need to write keys to text in data set The directive can be defined once for component and works for all child tags Ability to write section specific translations ... more


  • npm On-Call
    This is Teacup, our adopted wombat and latest on-call engineer.Just like everyone, Teacup has to take responsibility for what we ship to production. It won’t be smooth sailing on-boarding her — the late night alerts, the fact she doesn’t even own a computer, or just how difficult it is to acknowledge PagerDuty alerts with paws.Okay, […]
  • Why we created npm Enterprise
    Last week we launched npm Enterprise, a fact that might come as a surprise to those of you who’ve been paying attention and know that we’ve had an enterprise product since 2014. The new Enterprise is a totally different beast, the result of recognizing that the way npm works is fundamentally new and different to […]
  • Managing JavaScript in the Enterprise
    We are excited to announce the launch of a platform to help modernize Javascript development in the enterprise.Ripping the “beta” label off npm Enterprise is satisfying for a lot of reasons. We started npm to remove friction for JavaScript developers, and I believe we have accomplished a lot. The solution we are announcing today delivers […]
  • npm Convos: open-wc
    Q. Hi! Can you state your name, what you do, and/or what your company does?A: `open-wc` (Open Web Components) is an open collective of volunteer developers interested in web components and the web platform in general. Late last year we got together with the idea to publish some community-sourced recommendations and tools for building apps […]
  • The security risks of changing package owners
    When I ask software developers what their biggest security concerns are, I typically hear something about malicious code in their npm packages. The average npm package has over 2000 dependencies, so the worry over malware makes a lot of sense.The npm security team certainly shares this concern, but our job is to also look beyond […]
  • npm Convos: Quasar Framework
    Q. Hi! Can you state your name, what you do, and/or what your company does?A: My name is Razvan Stoenescu and I’m the founder of Quasar Framework, which is a Node.js and Vue.js-based system that helps developers rapidly create best-practice applications for the web, mobile devices, and desktops using the same codebase. Its primary goal, […]
  • Continuous Security
    It’s been almost a year since npm acquired ^Lift Security and even less since the official formation of the internal npm Security Team. In addition to working on securing the Registry and its users, I’ve been setting aside time to think through how we look at security at npm. I wanted share some of my […]
  • On Building npm and Hiring a CEO - Founders Talk
    I had the opportunity to chat with Adam Stacoviak recently about the journey of creating npm and turning that into npm, Inc., 4 and a half years as CEO, and the transition to my new role as Chief Product Officer. Along the way, we touched on some of the long dark teatimes of the soul […]
  • npm Convos: the native web
    Q: Hi! Can you state your name, what you do, and/or what your company does?A: Hey, I’m Golo, founder and CTO of the native web. We provide consulting, training and development for Node.js, JavaScript, and related technologies. Our speciality is designing and developing distributed applications for the web and the cloud, for which we also […]
  • OSS, Risk, and Compliance
    I’m going to tell you a story. There are no villains in this story. Just smart people doing their best, and unfortunately working at cross-purposes through no fault of their own. The names and places have been changed, but it is a true story. I’ve heard this story a lot over the years in my […]

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  • Android Studio 3.4
    Posted by Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android After nearly six months of development, Android Studio 3.4 is ready to download today on the stable release channel. This is a milestone release of the Project Marble effort from the Android Studio team. Project Marble is our focus on making the fundamental features and flows of the […]
  • Indie Games Accelerator - Applications open for class of 2019
    Posted by Anuj Gulati, Developer Marketing Manager and Sami Kizilbash, Developer Relations Program Manager Last year we announced the Indie Games Accelerator, a special edition of Launchpad Accelerator, to help top indie game developers from emerging markets achieve their full potential on Google Play. Our team of program mentors had an amazing time coaching some […]
  • Improving the update process with your feedback
    Posted by Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management, Android & Google Play Thank you for all the feedback about updates we’ve been making to Android APIs and Play policies. We’ve heard your requests for improvement as well as some frustration. We want to explain how and why we’re making these changes, and how we are […]
  • Optimize your subscriptions with new insights in the Play Console
    Posted by Daniel Schramm, Product Manager, Google Play Since launching on Google Play nearly 7 years ago, subscriptions have proven to be an essential element in creating sustainable mobile app businesses; 89 of the top 100 highest grossing apps on Google Play in the US now provide subscription products. As the market matures, it is […]
  • A simpler experience for instant apps
    table, td{ border: .5px solid black; Posted by Miguel Montemayor and Diana García Ríos As of Android Gradle plugin 3.4.0 (included in Android Studio 3.4), we are starting the deprecation process of the feature plugin (com.android.feature) and instant app plugin (com.android.instantapp) as a way to build your instant app. When building your app, you will […]
  • ML Kit expands into NLP with Language Identification and Smart Reply
    Posted by Christiaan Prins and Max Gubin Today we are announcing the release of two new features to ML Kit: Language Identification and Smart Reply. You might notice that both of these features are different from our existing APIs that were all focused on image/video processing. Our goal with ML Kit is to offer powerful […]
  • Android Q Beta 2 update
    Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering A few weeks ago we Introduced Android Q Beta, a first look at the next version of Android. Along with new privacy features for users, Android Q adds new capabilities for developers - like enhancements for foldables, new APIs for connectivity, new media codecs and camera capabilities, NNAPI […]
  • Improving app performance with ART optimizing profiles in the cloud
    Posted by Calin Juravle, Software Engineer In Android Pie we launched ART optimizing profiles in Play Cloud, a new optimization feature that greatly improves the application startup time after a new install or update. On average, we have observed that apps start 15% faster (cold startup) across a variety of devices. Some hero cases even […]
  • AOSP Application Updates
    Posted by Raman Tenneti, AOSP Software Engineer and Ally Sillins, AOSP Program Manager When we started the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) 10 years ago, we included some basic applications in the AOSP build for three main purposes: to provide a usable set of applications for someone building an Android device from our AOSP to […]
  • Changes to the Google Play Developer API
    Posted by Vlad Radu, Product Manager and Nicholas Lativy, Software Engineer The Google Play Developer API allows you to automate your in-app billing and app distribution workflows. At Google I/O '18, we introduced version 3 of the API, which allows you to transactionally start, manage, and halt staged releases on all tracks, through production, open […]

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  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 400 - Apr 19th 2019
    Comment I honestly didn't think I'd last even a few months writing this newsletter when it started back in 2011. I certainly wouldn't have believed you if you'd have told me I would hit the publish button 400 times over almost eight years. Thank you all for continuing to read every week. But mostly, thank […]
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 399 - Apr 12th 2019
    Comment If you follow David Barnard you'll know that he's long been advocating for changes to the App Store that cut down on the number, and type of scams that are unfortunately so prevalent these days. Did his emails have an effect? It's certainly possible as he noticed a new prompt before starting a free […]
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 398 - Apr 5th 2019
    Comment Last night I was catching up on the week's iOS news and I found myself nodding along with point after point in this article on Apple's long term Marzipan strategy from Curtis Herbert. As I've said before I'm not expecting huge changes to Marzipan over what has been discovered over the last 12 months, […]
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 397 - Mar 29th 2019
    Comment As you may have seen, I shut down App Review Times earlier this week. It's always tempting to use the word unfortunately when writing a sentence like that, but I see this as a happy announcement rather than a sad one. It's simply not needed any more, and what better end could I have […]
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 396 - Mar 22nd 2019
    Comment If you applied for a WWDC ticket this year then you'll have either received a purchase confirmation the dreaded commiseration email by now. I'm very happy to say that I was lucky enough to win the lottery this year! 🎉 My flight and accommodation were already booked, so I was going to be in […]
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 395 - Mar 15th 2019
    Comment Let's get this week started by celebrating a small anniversary. It's been one year since the iOS Dev Directory went live! 🎉 When I launched the site I hoped it would become a comprehensive directory of sites publishing regular content on iOS development. Selfishly, I also hoped it would be the easiest way for […]
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 394 - Mar 8th 2019
    Comment As part of my continued attempt to fight the negativity around Marzipan I want to highlight the amazing work that Steve Troughton-Smith has been doing this week. Marzipanify has been around for a while, but this week Steve kept himself very busy with three lengthy blog posts about it. Bringing iOS Apps to macOS […]
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 393 - Mar 1st 2019
    Comment Did you see the discussion thread proposing an official Swift style guide this week? In my opinion, style guides are overrated. Everyone has an opinion on them so they always generate lots of discussion, which makes them feel more important than they really should be. Should there be an official Swift style guide? Meh, […]
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 392 - Feb 22nd 2019
    Comment The dust is settling on this 2FA change that I mentioned last week. So, now that everything is a little clearer here's a quick summary of what you need to be aware of: The requirement for 2FA to be switched on only applies to the Team Agent account. You can add multiple iCloud accounts […]
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 391 - Feb 15th 2019
    Comment Thank you all for an amazing response to last week's comment. This is clearly a subject people are very passionate about! I closed the survey on Wednesday with 1,360 responses - thanks to you all for your time. So without further ado, I know what you're waiting for... Here are the results, along with […]


  • Announcing IBM i 7.4 and Db2 Mirror for i
    Today is an exciting day for those of us who work to create IBM i and all of its related software. Today is Announcement Day! Of course, we have two of those each year (at least) when we announce Technology Refreshes. And, today, we are announcing a Technology Refresh–IBM i 7.3 TR6. But the biggest announcements are […]
  • Conferences, Community and More Ahead for IBM i in 2019
    Greetings from the Rochester, Minnesota development lab! I’ve been a bit quiet lately, as the team works diligently on the amazing things we have in store for the future.  However, the “conference season” has gotten off to a good, leisurely start, and will soon hit its full stride.  That means many of us IBM i […]
  • IBM i and Java Support
    In the past few months, my team has been receiving many questions about Java, and especially about the support of Java, because of announcements Oracle has made about changes to how they will be supporting their versions of Java 8. We’ve had enough questions that we thought we ought to just publish something that clarifies […]
  • A Very Good Year for IBM i
    Usually, people wait to write an annual retrospective until December, and it’s only October.  But I have some good reasons to write this now, and the first of them is that there are multiple definitions of a “year,” and by one of those definitions, we already have reason to celebrate a year of success for […]
  • SAP on IBM i: Still Going Strong
    The IBM i OS consists of a unique architecture that not only has enabled it to remain relevant for three decades, but also enabled IBM i development to continue to provide state of the art technology for the users of the operating system.  One feature of the IBM i platform often promoted is how the […]
  • A Closer Look at the IBM i Architecture Evolution Webcast
    Each year, it seems, I end up creating one or two brand new presentations which become frequently requested for a few years. The presentation I created this year is called “What is a ‘Modern’ Operating System?” One I created last year is now titled something like “IBM i—the Evolving Architecture.”
  • Fresh Faces in IBM i Development
    Last week I wrote the blog I had to write.  This week, I get to write the blog I’ve been wanting to write for most of the summer.
  • Announcing the POWER9 980 for IBM i and 7.3 TR5
    Today, August 7, 2018, is announce day for Technology Refresh 5 (TR5) of IBM i 7.3 and TR9 of IBM i 7.2. In line with our IBM i communication strategy, this blog will cover highlights of the announcement, and further information will be found starting today on the IBM i site on ibm.com, the Power […]
  • IBM i in Healthcare: IBM’s WISH Application
    Another story I ran into while celebrating the IBM i 30th Anniversary this year comes to us, again, from Belgium. At first, when I heard about it, I thought it would make a great client story for the IBM i 30th site, but, well, it just doesn’t quite fit, so I’ll feature it here instead. 
  • Innovative Solutions Drive the Next 30 Years of IBM i
    We’ve had almost three months of celebrating IBM i’s 30th anniversary, and while I’ve been busy with clients and user groups, I’ve been collecting several ideas for blogs. Today I’m going to talk about innovation, particularly in solutions developed for IBM i.

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  • IBM i Access Client Solutions: Customization and deployment questions answered
    This article is a follow on to "IBM i Access Client Solutions: Customization and deployment made easy". It provides details about how to implement some of the more common deployment options when deploying IBM i Access Client Solutions to multiple users.
  • Build an enhanced IT help desk chatbot on IBM i with Watson Assistant
    Chatbots are conversational robots that simulate conversation, and can interact with users in natural language. By harnessing both the power of the IBM Cloud Watson services and the power and openness of IBM i, you can open up your chatbot to countless creative applications (such as a virtual agent) that can understand and automatically solve […]
  • Using SQL parameter names and default values
    This article highlights the advantages of associating parameter names with the arguments of calls to IBM DB2 for i SQL functions and procedures. It also illustrates how parameter default values work together with named arguments to make SQL code more maintainable and easier to understand.
  • Introducing IBM InfoSphere CDC replication for IBM DB2 for i solution
    This article introduces a journal-based data replication solution for IBM® i using IBM InfoSphere® CDC, which captures only data changes from the source IBM DB2® for i as they happen and delivers them to the target. The InfoSphere CDC solution supports not only data replication between homogeneous databases, but also supports heterogeneous databases, such as […]
  • How to use TLSv1.2 with System SSL on IBM i 7.1
    The IBM® i 7.1 TR6 version of System SSL supports Transport Layer Security version 1.2 (TLSv1.2) and Transport Layer Security version 1.1 (TLSv1.1). Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) was enhanced with configuration options to allow the core IBM networking applications to support these protocols. FTP and Telnet are two examples of core networking applications. Vendor applications […]